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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Georgia Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

More often than not, natural hormone replacement therapy is sought by women who are in their menopausal period. Through this kind of treatment, estrogen and progesterone can remain balanced, helping relieve the symptoms of menopause. These include hot flashes, sweating, mood swings, and numerous others. 

Meanwhile, it’s no secret that men can also undergo a natural hormone replacement therapy, particularly those who are in andropause or male menopause. Because of this, it’s possible to avoid problems like hair loss, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, or weight gain around the mid-section of the body.  

It’s worth knowing though that there are two types of hormone replacement therapy: natural and synthetic. And as part of the holistic approach that our Georgia specialists take, we only offer natural hormone replacement therapy to our patients. We believe that this is a safe, effective, and risk-free way to alleviate certain symptoms as it has natural plant-based hormones that your body accepts and can use as your own.  

Hormone Replacement Therapy Services

If you’re new to getting a hormone replacement therapy Georgia based, it’s a must that you know what to expect from this type of treatment. Our hormone replacement therapy experts would incorporate non-synthetic hormones into your treatment plan. These hormones are also plant-based and are usually derived from wild yams or soybeans. The amazing part is that they’re also bio-identical, which means they match the structure of progesterone, estrogen, and androgen that the body produces.   

Unlike its synthetic counterpart, natural hormone replacement therapy doesn’t cause unsettling side effects. So when you get this treatment from our Georgia experts, you don’t have to worry about nerve or joint pain, high cholesterol levels, numbness of the skin, and other negative reactions.  

Furthermore, all of the medications we use for hormone replacement therapy are compounded by a licensed pharmacist, ensuring that they’re bio-identical to your hormones. This way, nothing could go wrong with the procedure. For other concerns you have, our hormone replacement therapy Georgia specialists are always willing to assist. 

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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for Georgia Communities

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