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What Is a PRP Injection?

When you get a PRP injection in our (Atlanta) / Sandy Springs location, you are essentially getting an injection of your blood platelets.  This injection may be used both to help heal injuries to your joints and the neuro-musculo-skeletal system as well as for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes.

If performed for pain and injury treatment, it can help you become healthier, heal your injuries or conditions and feel better.  If performed for cosmetic reasons, it can help you look better and feel better about your physical appearance.

What Is Plasma, and What Are Platelets?

Plasma is one component of your blood. It is the liquid part of your blood and is mostly composed of water. If you have ever donated plasma, then you know it’s the part of your blood that is separated from the platelets and is clear or almost transparent in color. On the other hand, platelets are the component of your blood that allow it to clot. When the two are together with red blood cells, they make up whole blood.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma, and What Are PRP Injections?

Platelet-rich plasma is also referred to as autologous conditioned plasma. In short, it is plasma that has not been separated from red blood cells. This allows the platelets that are contained in your blood to remain in place. Plasma in this state also contains specific proteins that are believed to help further the healing process when delivered to the injury site.  A PRP injection in Atlanta (Sandy Springs) is delivered directly to the site of injury. For example, the injection might be given in your shoulder or knee if you have had a previous injuries or you’re experiencing a great deal of pain there. The idea is to allow the injury to heal faster by your own body’s natural ability.

Is PRP Safe?

For most people, PRP is indeed safe. This is especially true if you are already a relatively healthy person with few or no chronic medical conditions. However, there are some people who should participate in PRP therapy with caution. In some cases, it may not be recommended at all. This is usually the case for individuals who have bleeding or clotting disorders. It may also hold true for those who have certain autoimmune disorders or who have metastatic cancer.

Sports Injuries:

One of the significant areas where PRP therapy is used frequently involves the management of sports injuries. Anyone who has ever been involved in sports for any length of time knows how easy it can be to receive damages, usually directly to joints or muscles. These injuries can sometimes take weeks or even months to heal, and in some cases, they don’t heal effectively without surgery. Even then, some people find themselves struggling with an injury that simply doesn’t allow them to perform at the same level as they did before the damage occurred. A PRP injection in Atlanta may be the answer for these types of injuries, as it may help you regain your mobility and strength so that you can get back on track.

Damaged Muscles:

You may also benefit from getting a PRP injection in Atlanta if you’ve suffered muscle damage due to an injury or certain illnesses. Damaged muscles can decrease your mobility. There may also be a relatively significant amount of pain involved. If you’ve tried more traditional treatments and they’ve failed, PRP therapy may be the answer. In some patients, this type of treatment can even help restore the affected muscles to full health.


Unfortunately, arthritis can have debilitating effects. This is especially true when arthritis settles into joints that have been previously injured. Also, some individuals suffer more severe cases of arthritis than others. In any case, arthritis can be painful and can make moving about freely difficult. In some of the worst cases, it’s almost impossible to do so. There are medications available, both over-the-counter and by prescription, but they don’t always work. Many of them also have potentially harmful side effects associated with them. That is precisely why some patients decide to get a PRP injection in Atlanta. The idea is to decrease arthritis’s impact by merely utilizing the platelet-rich plasma from your own body.


Like arthritis, tendonitis is a painful condition that affects the tendons. This is the connective tissue found in the joints. A PRP injection in Atlanta can potentially help with the pain and lack of mobility often associated with tendonitis. It’s also worth mentioning that it may be able to do the same thing for ligament injuries as well. This type of treatment can help you recover faster and help you stay more comfortable throughout the healing process. Furthermore, you may be at less risk for repeated injuries after the therapy has been completed.

What Should You Expect from PRP Treatment?

As previously mentioned, you may start to notice a difference in the way you feel after about three months. It doesn’t always take this long to see an improvement, but it is possible. It’s worth noting that some patients don’t notice a significant difference for approximately six months. In some cases, a second treatment is required. When you receive a PRP injection in Atlanta, you will have your plasma collected first. Once that process is complete, you will then receive the injection to the affected area. You may experience some temporary pain at the injection site, and it may be sore for a few days. You will then be monitored after the therapy has been completed to determine its effectiveness.

The Benefits of PRP Skin Treatment:

The same platelet-rich plasma that is injected into muscles and joints can also be applied to the skin. It is commonly used for clinical-grade facials. Those who take advantage of it often experience an increase in collagen production. This, in turn, can reduce wrinkles and make the skin appear more youthful. It is commonly used in place of plastic surgery. It has also proven to be extremely beneficial for those who suffer from certain skin conditions. As a result, those who have acne or rosacea may notice a marked improvement after such treatment.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about getting a PRP injection in Atlanta, contact us at Georgetown Clinics. You can find out more about us by clicking on There is simply no reason to deal with pain or a lack of mobility when you don’t have to. Whether you’re looking for help with issues involving your joints or muscles, or you have problems with certain skin conditions, we can help you. All you have to do is contact us today.

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